Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2003

A boy rubs an old flashlight and a Genie — er, Gene — appears. Even the Gene has trouble granting the wish to clean the room.

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8 - 10 minutes

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  • 2 Males

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An excerpt …


GENE: (suddenly appearing) Cowabunga, Man! (Jimmy screams) Shhh! You want your Mom to hear you?

JIMMY: (now on the floor, holding his beating heart) Who … who are you?

GENE: The Easter Bunny.

JIMMY: That’s crazy!

GENE: You’re right. How about CNN? This is Gene Neeny with CNN news. We’re here to interview the most recent victim of a bad attitude. (putting an imaginary microphone in Jimmy’s face) Whatta ya say, Jimmy boy? Got a word for our television audience? What’s is like to be a little jerk?

JIMMY: I … are you … am I dreaming?

GENE: (singing) “I dream of Genie with the light brown hair!”

JIMMY: Did Mom send you up here? Who are you?

(It’s the room, dummy)

JIMMY: I guess I kinda need to clean things.

GENE: Kinda? Jimmy, this could be a Museum of Natural History! (holds something) There’s stuff in here from the Dark Ages!

JIMMY: That’s a disco tape.

GENE: See what I mean?

JIMMY: How’d you get in here?

GENE: You rubbed.

JIMMY: What?

GENE: You rubbed and I came. That’s what I do.

JIMMY: Rubbed?

GENE: The flashlight, Ding Dong! You rubbed that stupid flashlight!

(Somehow, Gene allows Jimmy to clean the room.)

JIMMY: Wow! Wait’ll Mom sees this.

GENE: She won’t believe her eyes, Jimmy!

JIMMY: And I can’t believe how quick I did it!

GENE: A new world’s record, kid.

JIMMY: Look, I gotta run. The game starts in twenty minutes and I gotta find my uniform in this … Hey! It’s right there hanging up!

GENE: Isn’t life great?

JIMMY: I’ll talk to you later, okay? I gotta catch the game. (begins to go, then stops) Uh … look. Thanks.

GENE: I didn’t do a thing.

JIMMY: Well … I mean ... thanks anyway. Later!


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