Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 1995

A boy is pressed into service to replace Koko the Clown at a kids party. Hilarious action!

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

    Cast Options

  • 1 Female, 1 Male

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An excerpt …

(Somebody’s gotta do it.)

JON: Wars are for a good cause, Amanda. Hunger strikes are for a good cause. Being burned at the stake is for a good cause. Putting on these stupid costumes and making a fool out of myself is just plain ridiculous.

AMANDA: You wanna disappoint all those kids waiting out there?

JON: Like I’m not gonna be a disappointment to ‘em? They expect Koko the Clown and His Amazing Poodles, and all they’re gonna get is Jon The Dork and His Stupid Costumes.

(Complete with costumes.)

AMANDA: Come on, here’s your first costume.

JON: (looking at what she’s holding) What’s that?

AMANDA: The woodsman. He’s the one who introduces the show.

JON: He wears tights?

AMANDA: They’re not that tight.

JON: You can see right through them!

AMANDA: Only if you’re looking. These are little kids.

JON: They’ll think I’m a green poodle.

AMANDA: You owe me, Jon! They hired you to run this kid’s program for two months. I took it off your hands and I’m just asking one day from you in return. You don’t do this for me and I’ll give you the job back.

AMANDA: Cool. Now here’s your next costume. Hurry.

JON: (looking at the costume) What’s that?

AMANDA: Little Red Riding Hood.

JON: (a sick groan)

AMANDA: Without her, we’ve lost our show!

JON: And with her, I’ve lost my reputation. (takes the costume from her then motions for Amanda to turn her back and she does)

(Look who shows up.)

AMANDA: But they … (sees someone enter) What? Look who’s here! Koko! You’ve got your leg in a cast but you made it!

JON: (in shock, not even turning to look at Koko) Who?

AMANDA: You’re going to do the show anyway?

JON: What?

AMANDA: That’s great Koko! And your brought your dogs?

JON: You mean I went through all that and …


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