Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2005

A girl has two dates for the same night and wants her friend to take one of them.

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8 minutes

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An excerpt …

(she wants a favor)

ELLIE: Talk fast. My Mom got me tickets for the concert tonight at the Convention Center. I’ve got to get dressed in a few minutes.

HANNAH:  You can’t go.

ELLIE:  I what?

HANNAH: You cannot go, Ellie. Not if you’re my friend.

ELLIE:  What does going to hear Kenny Chesthair have to do with our friendship?

HANNAH:  That’s what I’m trying to tell you. I’m in big, big trouble and you’ve got to help me get out of it.

ELLIE: What trouble?

HANNAH:  I can’t talk about it.

(Hannah has two dates and wants Ellie to go with Andy.)

HANNAH: You’ve got to go with Andy tonight!

ELLIE: I what?!

HANNAH: Come on, Ellie. Just this once. I’ll owe you big time … anything. Anything you want me to do, I’ll do it. I’ll clean your room! (and Hannah begins moving about the room as she talks, quickly throwing things here and there) I’ll do your homework all year. I’ll do your laundry. I’ll buy you a new outfit …

ELLIE: Hannah!

HANNAH: I’ll babysit your kids, I’ll …

ELLIE: I don’t have any kids!

HANNAH: Yet. Someday you’ll be wanting a babysitter and all you’ll have to do is call me and …

(the plot thickens)

HANNAH:  (in a burst of words) I told him that you’d always wanted to go out with him and I was looking forward to our date but since you were my best friend I wondered if he’d go out with you instead! (A long beat as Ellie simply stares at Hannah while Hannah, frightened, stares at Ellie) (finally) Say something, Ellie. Ellie, I’ve never seen that look before. Ellie, talk to me.

ELLIE: (with inappropriate calm) I’m going outside now.

HANNAH: (moves to stop her) Ellie …

ELLIE: …and when I return I expect you to be gone …

HANNAH: Where can I go?

ELLIE: The moon is good. The bottom of a fiery pit would be even better. Just so I never see you again.

HANNAH: You know, Ellie, we’ve got to serious about this. Andy’s going to be here in 5 minutes.

ELLIE: You’re kidding.


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