Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2000

A lad is in trouble with mom and gets, yep, grounded. He is a pretty smooth talker.


8 - 10 minutes

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An excerpt …

(our hero seems to have a problem)

          Okay, how do you spell “miserable”? G-R-O-U-N-D-E-D! Grounded!

          Yeh, I’m grounded, you wanna make somethin’ of it? One “D”! One lousy little “D”! Now, don’t tell me you’ve never gotten one! And look, what’s the big deal about Social Studies anyway? I mean, is it really all that important that Japan is east of Afghanistan? I mean, unless you’re get lost driving.

Okay, so I forgot to study for the test … okay, it was two tests. And maybe I forgot an

assignment or two … well, three at the most. Sure, I’ll admit that copying my research paper right off the Internet Page of the Discovery Channel wasn’t too smart. I should have left out the commercials. I think that’s what got me.

(he is making an appeal to the supreme judge of such things … his mother)

          “What is there to do in this crummy old room anyway? All I’ve got is a computer, a color TV, a Nintendo and a microwave! It’s practically a jail cell! Okay, so I’ve got a few weights to work out on … and the waterbed, but still! What? You think starving kids in China would love to have my color television? What’d the put on it, ketchup?

          “Mom, let’s talk about the telephone, okay? I mean, I’ve got some really important calls, you know. The important kind! Look, Cliff and I always wear our Nike shirts on the same day. We’ve gotta organize these things. And Mom, when it comes to girls, I’m a very popular guy? … I am being serious! They need to talk to me at night! They do! Why? Uh … I’m their counselor! Really! Some of ‘em don’t have anybody else to talk to at night. Why? Well … because they’re grounded.

(the final appeal)

          (to his knees) “She’s become a prison warden, that’s what! A cruel, unfeeling … What? You what? You’ll give me another chance? You think I’ve got enough imagination to raise my Social Studies grade?  I’m not grounded any more?

          “Mom, did I ever tell you how attractive you look in that outfit? No, I’m not kidding, really … And that hair, Mom. There aren’t too many women your age who can wear their hair like that. Why … why … you look like a teenager again!”


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