Serious, by Robert L. Crowe, 1998

A young girl goes to visit her dyinggrandmother. The girl asks forgiveness because she took the grandmother's love and didn't give much inreturn.


4 - 5 minutes

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An excerpt …

(The girl visits her grandmother who is in the hospital in a coma.)

I never told you … I never even tried to tell you … that I love you for every thing you

have done for me in my life. Yeh, I know I said the words when you bought me something, or took me someplace, but I never did give you the feelings from deep down inside me. I hope you knew … I hope you know … how I really feel about you. You gave me all the love you had, and I gave you back a few “thank yous” before I went quickly on my way. You know the new dress you gave me on my birthday? I wore it to school and everybody admired me and told me how pretty it was. I was really proud of how I looked, just like I had done something wonderful. All the time I should have been thinking of how hard you worked to save up to buy it for me, and how much it meant for you to see me happy.

(There is a sign of recognition.)

I didn’t know you would be asleep, or wouldn’t be able to talk. I thought I’d get to tell you this so you would know, and you would tell me it was OK, and I wouldn’t have to go through my whole life being sorry. I don’t know what to do now. Oh, I do wish you could hear me. (emotional but restrained) Wait! Did I see that right? Did you move your hand? Did you? Can you do it again? You did! You did move your hand for me. You can hear me can’t you! Oh, Gram, I’m sorry that you can’t talk to me right now, but it means everything in the world to me that you heard me, and you know.


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