Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2009

The girls go to a movie but they focus on everything except the show.

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


7 - 9 minutes

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  • 5 Females

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An excerpt …

(It is Movie Night))

KATI: It’s gonna be a lousy movie.

ANNIE: You’ve never seen it.

KATI: They ran out of Velvety Vanilla Yogurt Dip with Fruit. I cannot watch a movie without my Velvety Vanilla Yogurt Dip with Fruit.

ANNIE: They had it!

KATI: Without fruit. All they had was without fruit. I’m going home. My life is over.

JACKIE: (entering) Are they here?


JACKIE: The guys. Isn’t that why you come to the movie?

ANNIE: Jackie, this is supposed to be girls’ night out! That’s the reason we came … to be with the girls.

JACKIE: Speak for yourself. Look! There’s Kyle Cummings! What a hunk! Is there a seat beside him?

KATI: Does he have any Velvety Vanilla Yogurt Dip with Fruit?

(They are not concentrating on the movie yet.)

ANNIE: Dark. The lights are out. Sit down, Carrie.

CARRIE: You’ll never guess who I ran into. Okay, I’ll tell you. Kyle Cummings!

KATI: In the restroom?

LAURA: Is there something about Kyle that we should know?

JACKIE: Not Kyle! Not MY Kyle!

CARRIE: In the lobby. He said he needed a break. Said a group of noisy, hair-brained girls just walked into the movie and they were driving him crazy.

KATI: Really? Where are they? (All but Carrie crane their necks to look around)

CARRIE: (finally) Look closer girls. It’s you.

(have you sat near them?)

CARRIE: I’ve seen the movie before. This is the sad part. If I cry my eyeliner will run.

LAURA: Then be quiet. I haven’t seen it.

CARRIE: (still with eyes covered) Tell me when the part is over where Brad stabs Johnny with the laser and Princess Julia is left alone to fight off the Klingons, the Warlocks, and severe post-adolescent depression. Then it gets really ugly.

LAURA: Thanks a lot. You’ve just ruined the movie for me.

CARRIE: But I didn’t mention the part about her puppy dying.

LAURA: Carrie! Be quiet!

KATI: Did I mention I was hungry?



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