Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2012

Furlese just got her license and takes her friend Monique for a ride. Someone joins them…a traffic cop.

Price includes 2 scripts.


6 - 8 minutes

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  • 2 Females

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An excerpt …

(First day of driving.)

FURLESE: This is it. I can’t believe it, Monique. This is really it.

MONIQUE: Calm down.

FURLESE: The day I’ve dreamed of since first grade.

MONIQUE: You’re kidding.

FURLESE: No! Haven’t you? 16! Driver’s license! My first car! Right here under my fingertips!

MONIQUE: Look Furlese, maybe today isn’t the best day to start driving. You seem awfully … you know… spastic.

FURLESE: Spastic? Spastic!!! I’m not spastic! I’m excited! I got an “A” in Driver’s Ed, Monique! I was the first one to finish! Mr. Thompson said he wanted to get all my driving out of the way before the rest of the class.

(Things don't go so well.)

MONIQUE: (looks behind her) A policeman. He’s got his red lights on. You were speeding.

FURLESE: I was not speeding!

MONIQUE: Then it’s the UPS man and he’s trying to flag you down for a delivery. You’re busted, Furlese! Pull over!

FURLESE: Oh, no.

MONIQUE: Twenty years in prison on your first day behind the wheel.

FURLESE: Oh, no.

MONIQUE: I’m going to hide in the back seat. (begins to crawl into the back)

FURLESE: (stopping her) Stop that! You’ll make me look suspicious.

MONIQUE: We’re stopped on the busiest street in town with red lights flashing behind us and you don’t look suspicious?


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