Serious, by Ken Bradbury, 2008

A girl visits her grandmother at a nursing home. The conversation is compelling.

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8 - 10 minutes

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An excerpt …

(Melinda arrives for a visit.)

MELINDA: Grammy! You’re awake! (moves to sit beside her) I thought …well, I’m just glad you’re okay.

GRAMMY: It makes the time go faster. Do you ever want that? You want the time to go faster?

MELINDA: Sometimes I guess.

GRAMMY: Wait ‘til you get in place like this. Three excitements a day … breakfast, lunch and dinner … oh, and going to the bathroom. I guess that’s pretty thrilling.

MELINDA: You’re funny, Grammy.

GRAMMY: Yeah. A real card. So … you’ve got guard duty today?

MELINDA: It’s not like that, Grammy.

GRAMMY: Yes it is. You hate it here.

(Grammy tells it like it is.)

MELINDA: I’m sorry. I’m doing real well this year. Honor roll.

GRAMMY: That’s as boring as water.

MELINDA: Grammy!

GRAMMY: I don't mean the grades. Of course you’re smart. You’re my granddaughter. I mean talking about school is pretty boring. The ladies down at Bingo? That’s all they do … talk about their grandchildren’s grades. And most of ‘em lie.

MELINDA: You’re funny.

GRAMMY: No. I’m just old. Old is not funny. Not knowing you’re old … now that’s funny.

(While Gammy sleeps, young Grammy appears for a chat.)

GRAMMY: So what do you think your grandma was like when she was a girl?

MELINDA: Boy ... that’s hard to guess. I mean, she’s been old ever since I’ve known her. I just can’t imagine her being a girl like me.

GRAMMY: I’ll bet she was.

MELINDA: She seems so proper and stuff … I don't think I’ll ever be like her. And she’s always so nice … sometimes I’m not. So … like … what kind of stuff do you like? Sports and stuff?

GRAMMY: I don't know. I just want to do things that are interesting … fun. I like talking to people … like this.

MELINDA: Me too. It’s weird that we both have people here at this place but we’ve never met.

GRAMMY: Maybe we did and we just didn’t get to know each other. You love your Grandma?

MELINDA: Oh, yeah. Lots. I don't think she knows how much. See, we make sure somebody’s here with her on most afternoons so she won’t feel lonely, but when it’s my turn she can tell I’m kinda bored. I wish I could convince that I really don't mind … that I love her a whole lot.

GRAMMY: I’ll bet she knows that. 


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