3 Characters - Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2013

To keep from flunking science, a boy along with his friend attempts a daring experiment on his sleeping brother. Will he be able to successfully turn him into a monster?

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


6 - 9 minutes

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  • 3 Males

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An excerpt …

(it's for a homework science grade)

PETE: James, this is crazy.

JAMES: I know.

PETE: It’ll never work.

JAMES: Maybe not.

PETE: Then why are you doing it?

JAMES: Because I need the grade! If I don’t come up with a science project, Mr. Anderson’s gonna flunk me.

PETE: It’d help if you’d do your homework.

JAMES: Yeah, I know that now. Look, you gotta help me, Pete.

PETE: But what if something goes wrong?

(the experiment begins)

JAMES: Look, just help me get this thing hooked up. (They move to above the sleeping Frank.) Mr. Anderson’s gonna just love this if it works.

PETE: If it works.

JAMES: Okay, we’ve got to hook these battery terminals up to Frank’s head.

PETE: You’re kidding.

JAMES: Look Pete, I think I’ve got this worked out. I’ve been studying up on it.

PETE: You? Studying?

JAMES: Yeah, I got the idea from a video game. You hook these electrodes to a person’s head, you run a cable down to your dad’s car battery, then you flip the switch.

(the experiment seems to work)

JAMES: This is so cool! Clean my room! (Frank looks at him.) Go ahead! This place is a mess and you … I mean my brother … always says I’m a slob. Clean it up!

FRANK: (mechanically going around the room and picking up various items) Dirty socks … dirty shoes … pop cans … someone else’s homework …

JAMES: Hey! Give me that! (He takes it.)


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