Poetry, Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2013

Humorous poems about four different dining experiences from the local town burgoo to an alien invader’s observations.


7 - 9 minutes

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An excerpt …

A collection of poems from the book THE PLACE WHERE WE LIVE by Ken Bradbury.


He’d come to explore this new world looking for some idea of what we were like.

So he strapped on his alien helmet real tight and he jumped on his alien bike.

Burgers and fries and burgers and fries down the whole west side of the street.

Then burgers and fries and to his surprise, more burgers and fries to the East.

Burgers and then a chicken thrown in but burgers and fries all the way.

Burgers and fries (some super-sized), and one lonely taco.. Ole!


Burgoo (it's known from town to town) is sort of green and sort of brown

and sort of nearly everything that makes a small boy's stomach sing.

It's taters, 'maters, beets and beef and pork and onions, sour and sweet,

and things that creep and things that crawl and things with hardly any name at all ...

Everything with legs or knees ends up in their recipes,

and if it has four legs or ten it soon becomes ingredients

for gallons, kettles, tons of soup … that luscious, scrumptious, gluptious gloop.


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