Duet - Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2013

Thanks to a pushy stage mother, a girl has taken her baton talent off the field and onto the traveling beauty pageant circuit. It's not always easy twirling fire. Disastrous results have been known to happen!

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9 - 12 minutes

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An excerpt …

(another pageant)

HONEY: Mama, do we have to keep doing this? I never win one of these things.

MAMA: Never win a beauty pageant? Have you forgotten 3rd runner-up in Miss Soy Bean of Iowa City?

HONEY: There were only four contestants, Mama.

MAMA: And what about Miss Congeniality at the Porky Days celebration? You won, darlin’! You are a winner if I ever saw one.

HONEY: It’s the talent competition that always gets me, Mama. Why don’t we skip the fire batons this time?


MAMA: (hugging her) I remember the day you were born, darlin’. You were the prettiest baby in the hospital nursery.

HONEY: I was the only baby in the hospital nursery.

MAMA: The doctor said, “Oh, what a beautiful baby!”

HONEY: He said that about every baby.

(preparing for the competition)

MAMA: Now hold still while I get your tiara straight. And remember, when they announce your talent competition, run over to the side of the stage and I’ll be there with my charcoal lighter to fire up your tiara.

HONEY: Mama, please!

MAMA: And smile, Honey! Last week you frowned like you were in pain.

HONEY: I was in pain! I dropped hot kerosene on my toe!

MAMA: I swear, you complain about the tiniest things.

HONEY: Flaming tap shoes are not tiny, Mama! I stomped for five minutes trying to put them out.


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