Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2006

A boy runs away from home and ends in a strange place called “Far Away.”

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

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An excerpt …

(Jeremy ran away from home)

BURT: Depends. Where you going?

JEREMY: I already answered that.

BURT: Not very well. You said you were going “Somewhere” then you didn’t want to go to “Somewhere.” I got no patience, kid. Just move along ... and pick up your candy bar. (Jeremy picks up an imaginary candy bar and stuffs it into his pocket.) I run a clean place.

JEREMY: (begins to leave, then stops) Where … I mean, where exactly am I?

BURT: You came here. Don’t you know?

JEREMY: No. I just wanted to get far away.

BURT: Then, you got there.


BURT: That’s where you are. “Far Away. “

(there’s more than a bit of confusion)

JEREMY: Okay, I got mad at my folks and I ran away.

BURT: And where’d you tell ‘em you were going?

JEREMY: Far away. (he stops, looks at Burt) Now wait a minute!

BURT: You’re here! “Far Away!”

JEREMY: That’s ridiculous!

BURT: I agree. You probably had good folks. You made a stupid mistake.

(it is fast-talking and fast-thinking)

JEREMY: (holding his head) This is really confusing.

BURT: I know. Why would anyone want to leave a good home and family just because they can’t agree on every little thing?

JEREMY: Oh, I said something stupid, then Dad got mad. Then Mom got mad because Dad got mad, and I got mad at both of them and ran away.

BURT: (a pause, then) And you think I’m confusing? So where do you want to go now?

JEREMY: I don’t know.  I don’t know where I belong; I don’t know what I want. I’m just confused.

BURT: Ah. I think I know. You wanted to go “Far Away” and you ended up “Somewhere” but now you’re “Nowhere.” Happens all the time. In fact, that’s how we get most of our business.


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