Serious, by Robert L. Crowe, 1995

Television has given us 'recipe bravery in 30 minute bites.' There is a difference between real heroes and media celebrities. This moving speech reminds us of reality.


8 - 10 minutes

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An excerpt …

Two hundred years ago, the American Indian would greet the morning sunrise with the rhythm of a tom-tom. They believed that it was the beating of the drum that brought the sun up over the hill. When the Indians learned the scientific principle of the earth’s rotation, and learned that the tom-tom didn’t call forth the sun ... they lost as much as they gained.            The rising of television is a mixed blessing. I do not stand before today you to criticize the medium nor its programming. That subject deserves a speech all its own.                     


On one horizon, television has supplied us with educational, informational and entertainment options  beyond our imagination of only a few  years ago. On the other side of the fulcrum, I believe that television is diminishing the way generations of Americans are dealing with reality.

We matter-of-factly give a “ho-hum” to the decision in our nation’s history when a group of ill-prepared rag-tags decided to fight a revolutionary war against a trained British army; we blithely nod our heads to the moment when a small handful of men choose to die rather than hand over a small piece of Texas dirt called the Alamo. When we read the story of Oskar Schindler risking his life for the people of a Jewish ghetto, we think that, we too, would stand up to the Nazi commanders … but few of us would have done so. We watch news stories of astronauts blasting into space and it has become so routine we don’t even know their names anymore ... and most of us don’t have the “stuff” to crawl into that space capsule.


Television provides “instant heroes” and “recipe bravery” packaged in 30-minute bites. We have allowed television entertainment to smudge the line between its make-believe champions and the people around us. The actions of the real heroes have begun to fade. Let us applaud those persons in our everyday lives who deserve our respect … let us cheer the authentic heroes … let us celebrate real decisions of individual courage.

Video entertainment had provided us with some dynamic and interesting characters. As we have embraced the exploits of the shining stars created by television … perhaps we have lost as much as we have gained.


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