Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2000

There seems to be a problem about who gets the phone line — the parents for some calls, or the computer for — research.


5 - 8 minutes

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An excerpt …

(There is this assignment.)

Mom, I’ve got to use the computer tonight. No, I’m not playing computer games. This is for homework. Really! Mr. Stephens says we’ve got to research the lifestyles of the South American Doodle Fly and I don’t have any books on Doodle Flies. I gotta use the computer!

            Well, tell you the truth Mom, if Dad would just pay for another phone line I wouldn’t have the phone tied up all night.

(Do the important stuff before starting the assignment.)

Another email! Great! (reading) “Dear (your name), I’m only sending this to you and four hundred of my very closest friends. I got it from church camp. “Dear recipient. If we all just love each other, and show our greatest love, then blessings will then come to us as if from heaven above. So reach out to each other, just extend a hand, and learn to love each other. That is the world’s best plan.” P.S. If you receive this email then you must immediately send it to everyone you know or something terrible will happen to you within 24 hours. In God’s love, Marica.”

(A solution.)

Man, what am I gonna do. It’s almost ten o’clock and I’ve been workin’ hard all night on this! (looking up) Dad! What’re you doin’ here? Oh, … yeh, I guess it is your house. Look Dad, I’m really sorry about tyin’ up the computer all night. Yeh, I know it’s almost time to go to bed, but I’m gonna flunk this assignment if … Huh? What’s that? A book? Whatta you do with it? You’re kiddin’! You mean it’s got words in it and everything? (reading) Encyclopedia Britannica. Cool name. So what’d you find? A whole article on South American Doodle bugs? Awesome! What a great idea! Where’d you get this? We’ve had it ever since I was born? That is just too cool, Dad! Why didn’t anybody tell me? You what? You actually used these when you were in school? And you didn’t even have to wait until a line was free? Huh! And you actually held ‘em in your hands and carried ‘em around? Cordless, huh? Wait’ll the other kids hear about this!


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