Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 1995

No, don't get uptight about the Italian dialect. It's just good fun when a janitor has to take over the weather report at a local TV station.

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

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  • 2 Females
  • 1 Female, 1 Male
  • 2 Males

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An excerpt …

(TV weatherman Rocky Storm calls in sick and tells manager Biff at the last minute.)

MANNY: What’s matta, boss? You gotta da headache in your brain?

BIFF: Yeh, Manny. I got a big headache in my brain. His name’s Rocky Storm.

MANNY: (happily) Oh! Da Meester Rocky! He’s a-so funny! He take-a his hair and go “spritz spritz” and Boom-a! He’s on da air! (imitating the overly macho Rocky giving a romantic rendition of the weather ... to an imaginary camera) “‘Ello! I’m-a da great Rocky Storm!  I don’t-a know tropical depression from an arm-a pit, but I’m-a so good-a lookin’, you-a just gotta love me!”

BIFF: (smiles) Manny, if we didn’t have a news report in five minutes, that would be hilarious.

(Custodian Manny has to go on the air with the weather report.)

MANNY: “Da weather ... she be out dere all right.”

BIFF: Go on ... go on ...

MANNY: (still in wide-eyed fright) “I mean ... da weather ... she be all over da place!”

BIFF: The map! Show ‘em the map!

MANNY: (picks up something off the desk without looking at it, holding it up) “Look! See what I mean?”

BIFF: That’s a phone book, Manny.

MANNY: (looks at the book while still displaying it for the camera, then staring into the camera) “Call this number for more information!”

BIFF: The forecast, Manny. Now give ‘em the forecast.

MANNY: Forecast?

BIFF: You know ... rain, snow, heat, hurricanes.

MANNY: “We’re-a gonna have rain, snow, heat and da hurricanes! Holy Cow!”

(After a number of original weather predictions, the phone starts ringing.)

BIFF: (in a daze) We’re off. Maybe forever.

MANNY: ‘Scuse-a me, Boss. It’s-a your phone. (he picks it up) I’m Manny, who’re you?

            (listens) Hey! Tanks! It’s-a da front desk! Dey got a hundred calls out dere! (answering another phone) I’m-a Manny! (listens) Really! Hey! I love-a you, too! (answering another phone)  Hey! You’re a too kind! Tanks, Mama!

BIFF: What’s all that?

MANNY: Dey love-a me, Boss! Dey tink I’m-a great!


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