Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 1997

Farm girl shares some humorous social embarrassments of being on a farm, and some of the joy of love and support by her father.


8 - 10 minutes

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An excerpt …

(My father, the farmer.)

I’m not kidding!  He hatched the plot the day I was born.  Really!  This is not just a speech!  This is the honest-to-gosh truth!  And how is he doing this?  ‘My father is trying to establish that me being a farm girl surpasses all other human endeavors.”

            OK, for those of you who don’t know anything about farming, let me set a few things straight.  We don’t ride to school on a mule, we don’t sleep with the chickens, and (sarcastically) even some of us have indoor plumbing.

(It’s always fun when girls talk.)

Tell me,” says Katie.  “Do you guys like Pantene Pro V shampoo or do you prefer Herbal Essence?”

“Who cares?  They’re all the same,” answers Callie.  “As long as I have my Maurice’s nail polish, I’m ready for anything!”

Then they turn to me.  “What about you, __________? Don’t you have anything to say?”

Again, my mouth drops open.  I begin to sweat.  I mean, I’ve got to at least talk like a girl, even if my dad doesn’t believe I am one.  Frantically, I search my mind for an intelligent comment, then the words blurt out of my mouth: “Did you know that if you use enough Furadan Insecticide you can increase your corn yield by over twenty percent?”

(But … when you stop and thin about it.)

And I’ve got to admit that sometimes I exaggerate a little about the way he wants to make me into a cowgirl.  I know that his only desire is for me to be happy.  I once told him that I’d like to go into communications some day and he said, “Sound great. There’s lots to tell about cow and chickens!”


Well ... I hope he’s just joking.  But I wouldn’t trade the things I’ve learned from my dad for anything.

And seriously, Mrs. Hayes.  If you ever want a lifetime supply of eggs and fried chicken ... just see me.


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