A musical presentation, by Ken Bradbury, 2005

This is written as a high school presentation for an elementary school assembly. It is the familiar theme of the role of a bully at school. The message is appropriate and this is an opportunity to make drama students into heroes in the eyes of elementary students. The cost includes a master script and a rehearsal CD. Per performance royalty is $25.


20 - 25 minutes

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  • 30 Characters

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An excerpt …

(Our hero)

FREDDY: My name’s Freddy.

NARRATOR: He wasn’t very strong.

FREDDY: (Xing to Narrator) Hey! I try!

NARRATOR: Maybe he was like (points to audience members) … you … or maybe you!

FREDDY: My name’s Freddy.

NARRATOR: But Freddy! Freddy had this problem. Maybe you have it too!  (narrator exits)

SPIKE: (entering with Jose and Jim-Jam) Yo! Kid!

FREDDY: Yeh, Spike? (to audience) This is Spike. I don’t like him. In fact, I’m scared of him.

SPIKE: Yo! Kid! (some kids enter and watch what’s going on)

FREDDY: (to audience) Excuse me while I go get beat up. (to Spike) I don’t have any lunch money, Spike! Honest!

(Help arrives)

FREDDY: What’s your name?

GABRIEL: Gabriel. Call me Gabe. Look kid, I been sent here to help you.

FREDDY: Huh? Sent by who?



GABRIEL: The Federal Bureau of Pants. Kidding! Look kid, you don’t have to take this from bullies!

FREDDY: But they’re so big and I’m ….

GABRIEL: You’re a shrimp.

FREDDY: I’m a shrimp.

GABRIEL: But even shrimps grow up to become …

FREDDY: Shrimps.

GABRIEL: Yeh, you’re right. But it’s not your size that matters! 

(Oh, it’s a musical …)

GABRIEL: (singing) You gotta stand up to the man …

ANGELS: Bop-ooo-Wadda-Wadda

GABRIEL: And you look him in the eye!

            ANGELS: Bop-ooo-Wadda-Wadda

GABRIEL: You gotta have yourself a plan …

            ANGELS: Bop-ooo-Wadda-Wadda

GABRIEL: You gotta kiss your fears goodbye!

            ANGELS: Bop-ooo-Wadda-Wadda

GABRIEL: You gotta

            GABRIEL & ANGELS: Wo-wo-wo-wo, Wo-wo-wo-wo Rock!

            You gotta Rock!


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