Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2009

If girls can have a night out, the boys think they will give it a try — with mixed results.

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


8 - 10 minutes

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  • 5 Males

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An excerpt …

(His sister says it is a good idea.)

MICHAEL: My sister says it works. She’s really smart.

BRENNAN: Your sister? Your sister says it’ll work! She means it works if you’re a girl. Boys do not do this!

MICHAEL: Come on, Brennan, give it some more time. We’re not done yet. Susan said that the best times she ever has is when they have a Girls’ Night Out. She said it’s a riot and they laugh and have fun and it’s just perfect!

BRENNAN: Perfectly stupid. Boys don't need nights out. Boys are always out. They don't need a special night.

MICHAEL: Just stay for the rest of the evening? I’ve got the instructions all written down.

BRENNAN: She gave you instructions on how to have a Boys’ Night Out? That is ridiculous!

MICHAEL: She’s really very smart. She got an “A” in geometry.

(One idea is a pajama party.)

GRANGER: What are those things?

JOE: Michael said we had to have pajamas. These are my old man’s.

BRENNAN: You look like a Popsicle.

JOE: Dad likes red.

MICHAEL: Come on, just sit down.

GRANGER: Sit down?

MICHAEL: It says we’ve got to sit in a circle.

BRENNAN: This is a night out, not a pow-wow.

MICHAEL: Come on, guys. Give it a try. You want to be known as the guys who couldn’t do what the girls can?

BRENNAN: We’ve already lost. Girls can enjoy this. I can’t. Well, sisters, let’s sit down and have our tea and cookies. (the boys sit) Okay, sweetheart, now what?

(They poke fun at the idea, then settle-in for the night.)

MICHAEL: Sorry I put you guys through this.

GRANGER: That’s okay. It killed a little time. (all are now reclining for the night)  Night everybody.

JOE: Night Granger.

ANDREW: Night Michael.

MICHAEL: Night John-Boy.

ANDREW: Shut up.

BRENNAN: (a very long pause of silence, then) Hey Michael?

MICHAEL: I’m sleeping.

BRENNAN: Then wake up, idiot.

MICHAEL: Whatta you want?

BRENNAN: You think maybe … you know … next week we could …



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