Serious, by Ken Bradbury, 1997

A strange deaf old man lives in the hills, much to the suspicion of the towns people. At night they can see his lantern as he dances by himself. One night the people see two lanterns. Jesus is there, dancing with Bobby.


5 - 6 minutes

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An excerpt …

The row of taunting children lined the streets of the little village as the shabby, old man ambled his way toward the church.  “Dance, Bobby!  Dance!”

His stocking cap pulled down tight against the spring chill, Bobby Malone made his way through the taunts and jeers.  “Dance, Bobby!  Dance!” Their cries following him down the street ... this old, wrinkled and weathered man with the worn, gray coveralls, bundled up against the weather.  His ears, long deaf to the noises of the world, still caught the meaning of their wicked teasing.  “Dance, Bobby!  Dance!”


But his lantern ... Oh, they knew his lantern well.  It was the late night sport of every young boy and girl to walk into the dark streets before bedtime and look toward the hills.  And there ... up high on the hilltop, the sight of Bobby’s lantern, making its way across the high meadows, twirling and twisting and turning and whirling ... Bobby was dancing his dance all alone.

“Dance, Bobby!  Dance!” they’d shout up the valley.  “Dance, Bobby!

Dance!” they’d shout to the hills.  Every night, just a bedtime, old Bobby was

dancing.  Bobby Malone, all alone on the hill.


Two figures ... alone on the hillside ... dancing ... dancing ... twirling and twisting, their laughter bouncing off the midnight hills like an explosion of rippling, joyous waterfalls ... two figures ... alone on the hillside ... dancing their dance in pure, joyous abandon, lost in the delight of the other’s

company ... two figures ... alone on the hillside ... their lanterns slicing the darkness with streaks of gladness ... with cascading laughter ... with shouts ... shouts of something greater, something more glorious than the huddling villagers had ever felt or seen.

There, that night on the hillside was Jesus!  Dancing in glory with Bobby


Dance Bobby, dance.  For your savior is with you!

Dance, Bobby, dance with your Lord!

Jesus won’t hide you, He’s dancing right beside you ...

Dancing on in glory, with Bobby Malone!


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