Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2003

Two thirsty boys buy a “Classic” Coke and find themselves in the 1950’s.

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

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  • 2 Males

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An excerpt …

 (It was an innocent purchase from a soda machine …)

MARK: But look at it! (picking it up) It’s in a little bottle. Made of glass! Is this somethin’ new? (looking at the machine) Look. There’s pictures of cans on the machine but somehow I knocked this thing loose.

DAVID: Big deal! Coke’s Coke! Hey, wait a minute! There’s no tab top.

MARK: It’s a bottle, dummy. You need a bottle opener.

DAVID: I’ve never even seen a bottle opener.

MARK: My grandma’s got one. She said they used to use ‘em all the time.

DAVID: Aw come on, I can just pry … Ouch! That hurts!  (sucking his thumb) What a stupid way to sell pop.

MARK: Hey! Look at the date on that thing! (taking bottle and reading) 1953. That’s a joke, right?

(not a joke! They meet some girls.)

MARK: You see those socks?

DAVID: Yeh. Little white socks rolled down around their ankles. Maybe their feet get cold. (to the girls) Hey, we’re new in this neighborhood. Anything fun goin’ on? (the girls respond) A Hop? Tonight? Great! What the heck’s a Hop? Music? (they respond) Ricky Nelson? Who’s that?

MARK: Who was here last week? (they answer) Uh, Dave, I think we’ve got some weirdoes here. You guys aren’t on something are you? (to David) You hear what she said?

DAVID: Elvis. Elvis was here last week. We’ve got some strange girls here, Dude

(a motorcycle gang takes them for a ride)

MARK: What is this place?

DAVID: Wow! I saw one on the history channel. It’s a drive-in movie. We’re goin’ to a drive-in movie with a motorcycle gang?

MARK: They’ve got the girls on the other cycles. Maybe it’s a party, Dave!

DAVID: And maybe it’s a funeral. Look up there on the screen. Jailhouse Rock and It Came From Outer Space. We’re in a time warp, man! We’re lost in space! (as the cycles slow down to a stop) What’re they doin’?

MARK: They’re gettin’ the girls and goin’ to the refreshment stand.

DAVID: (shouting after them) Watch out for the Coke!


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