Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 1994

Ted thinks he's home alone with his date only to find his little sister is there, too, and the quiet situation goes downhill in a hurry.

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8 - 10 minutes

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  • 1 Female, 1 Male

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brother & sister

An excerpt …

(He thinks he’s alone with his date.)

BRETT: (entering room and speaking to his imaginary date) Look, I felt terrible about having to take my little sister, T.J., with us to the drive-in movie on our last date. But this time, here at my house, it’s gonna be a lot better. Really. (he listens while date says she misses T.J.) What? You miss havin’ my sister with us? You know sometimes I just don’t understand women. (looks around) Coast is clear. Mom and Dad are at a meeting until late ... and T.J. is gone! (date asks where she is) I strangled her. (date reacts) Okay. She’s in jail. Her tongue was clocked at over eighty miles an hour in a library zone. (a pause as his date stares at him) All right. She’s over at some friend of hers. I don’t know which one but there couldn’t be that many. (arranges the chairs so they are together, UC) This is gonna be great. I rented this really cool movie and we’ve got popcorn and ... (date says she thinks T.J. is fun) What? You still think T.J. is fun? You know, I’m not sure this relationship is gonna work. You got some really weird tastes. Come on now, just have a seat. (she does as he kneels DC to insert a tape) I’ll get this movie goin’ and we’ll be all set. (he sits beside “her”) Now this is what I call great. Nothin’ to bother us and ... (his eyes widen) What’s that? (date asks what) That! Didn’t you hear somethin’? I wish you hadn’t mentioned my sister. I’m startin’ to hear things. (he again relaxes and puts his arm around his date’s shoulders) Okay! We got the whole evening to our ...

TJ: (popping up from behind the couch) Cowabunga, man!

BRETT: (a blood-curdling yell) Ahhhhhhhhh!

(Little sister has invited some friends over.)

TJ: (to date) Look, you don’t mind, do you? I mean there’s only like maybe twenty of us.

BRETT: Twenty!

TJ: The others couldn’t make it.

BRETT: Twenty! You asked twenty girls over here while I’ve got a date?

TJ: It’ll be fun! (to the date) Wanna play “Truth or Dare?”

BRETT: Teeg!!!!!

TJ: We’re gonna do each other’s hair!

BRETT: (nearly in a daze now) I cannot believe this is happening!


BRETT: You couldn’t be. You are an alien, Teeg! You are from the realm where No Man Has Gone Before! You’re from the cast of Another World! You’re a ... a ... page from the National Inquirer! You can’t be my real sister! God isn’t that cruel! (finally gets her backed into a corner or a chair) Some ... some Black Hole in the universe must have sent you here to make my life a total misery. You were sent to earth with one dark mission! To destroy me! Right? Right?

TJ: (her wide eyes melt into tears; she whimpers) If you wanted me to go, like just say so.

BRETT: I do! Go! Go! Go!


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