Comedy-drama, by Ken Bradbury and Robert L Crowe, 2000

This two-act play is a combination of comedy and drama material. In Act One, the narrator takes us on a variety of journeys such as a dramatic encounter, a humorous look at a mountain man’s pet dog, and a variation on a children’s story. There are five different scenes. The Second Act is a wide sweep review of the history of mankind. Characters can be combined.

This is a royalty play. The play, or any part of the play, may not be presented for public presentation, contest, or competition without obtaining permission of the publisher and purchasing a performance script. A performance fee is required for using any excerpt of the play.

Permission and payment must be made prior to the presentation. Price for a master script is $25 and copies can be made as needed.

For permissions, a perusal script or any questions, please contact us.


120 minutes

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