Duet - Comedy, by Robert L. Crowe, 2015

Has the IRS really given April a bad name? Try this script for a humorous look at the tax preparation process.

Price includes 2 scripts.


7 - 10 minutes

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  • 2 Females
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An excerpt …

(Office of a tax preparer. Bo is sitting alone in a waiting room.)

CHIP: (enters, looks around) Number 136. Number 136? (looks at Bo) Are you number 136?

BO: Yes.

CHIP: Why didn’t you ….? Never mind. You’re next.

BO: Before we start my tax return, I have a couple of questions. When you came out of your office just now and called number 136 … did you notice I was the only one in the waiting room?

CHIP: Yes.

BO: And I won’t even ask why I had to take a number, but why one-hundred-thirty-six? Is that the number of tax clients today?

CHIP: (laughs) Oh, no, I’m afraid not.

BO: This week?

CHIP: No, no. It’s the number of clients since I began doing federal tax returns.

BO: When was that?

CHIP: Twenty-ten

BO: Twenty-ten. Is that the number of a tax form?

CHIP: No. it’s a year. Two-thousand-and-ten. Right this way, please. (They walk in circle to imply walking to an office. They rearrange the chairs.) Have a seat. And you are …?

BO: Yes, yes I are.

CHIP: Your name, please. I must warn you that the questions get tougher from this point forward.

BO: (reaches into imaginary folder and hands Henry some papers.) Here. I have all the contact information on this paper.

CHIP: (looks at page) Yes. Welcome, Bo. Let me just glance at this. (nods) Uh-huh. I see you have your social security number, your license plate number, your Sam’s Club number and others. (He nods.) Very thorough. Ok. We will need to file form 1040. Now. Do you want to file the long form or short form?

BO: What’s the difference?

CHIP: With the short form the government gets all your money; with the long form, I get all your money.


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