What are my shipping options?
We now offer 'Instant Download' instead of email delivery for most speech contest material. Purchase your scripts using Visa, Mastercard, or Discover and you will receive your download links instantly. If you prefer a purchase order, you will receive your download links by email after approval - typically within 24 hours. As always, we will be glad to send you paper copies by US Mail if you prefer. Books will continue to be delivered by US Mail only.

What are my shipping costs?
There are no shipping charges for the instant download or email options. The charge for US Mail is $4 for the 1st item plus $.75 each additional item. The cost for international mail is $8.

What are my payment options?
Payment can be made via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) or by purchase order from schools and other organizations.

Do you have a printable catalog?
You may download a printable version of our latest catalog. A pdf reader is required.

Do you charge performance fees?
Unless otherwise noted, royalties are not charged for scripts purchased for use in the classroom, speech or forensic competitions or other instances where no admission fee is charged. However, items listed as one act and full length plays involve the purchase of a master script and performance fees.

I want to purchase a script with 3 or more characters for use at speech contest. Will I be able to make 4-5 copies if just purchasing it once?
Yes, the purchase fee for a 3 or more character script includes the rights to make as many copies as you need for a single ensemble's performance at contest.

Does this script have an ISBN for competition?
Most of our scripts are published as part of larger play, making them legal for competition in most states. ISBNs are printed on each script. Contact us if you need a number that you don't have.